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sharing my poems of faith!

I saw the CUTEST thing this morning!! There was a lady and a guy standing in the middle of the street stopping traffic and there were at least 20 Canada geese crossing the road in front of them! Some of the geese were hesitant, and the lady kept encouraging them to cross! One of the geese had a moment of uncertainty and started to turn around and go back and the lady kept doing hand motions at it "go go!"


Also, this weekend I went to the comic con! I spent money, oh lord! (some Wonder Womans and a few romance comics) And I got a couple of cute prints from some artists from Connecticut (a zombie Wonder Woman and some other stuff). Got some Settlers of Catan expansion packs for $20 each! woo! Saw the funny Guitar Heroes competition! This one kid was totally rocking out to Freezepop, playing the guitar behind his head and stuff.. yet he kept the same blank expression of concentration on his face the whole time, it was amazing! hehe.

I've got some auctions up right now, some clothes and toys that I wish to get rid of.. buy my things. I need more space in my house :D
Look what I bought today:

I am soooo tempted by this one as well:

I don't think I need a house anymore, I think I need a cathedral to put all my prints/artwork up. :|


This weekend, pers and I hit TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival! This is the first time that I've actually gone and I really enjoyed myself.

I stopped by Darwyn Cooke's table and bought a copy of Batman: Ego and got one of his Batman sketches with it! He was a really fine fellow! I love his DC New Frontier and made sure to tell him so. :)

(will add a photo of my sketch later).

J.Bone, Michael Cho, Cameron Stewart and a couple of other artists who I forget at the moment had this incredible room put together where the walls were covered in their work in the way that you'd see things put up in a museum or art gallery. It was really frickin cool! I also got this awesome mounted print of Wonder Woman but J. Bone. Isn't it gorgeous???

I was also looking at some of Michael Cho's artwork which was really neat! Had a very Jack Kirby feel to it with the thick black lines and stuff. I was tempted by one particular piece that had Superman, Dr Fate aaand 2 more guy superheroes who are eluding me right now. Didn't pick it up though.

I went by James Jean's booth and said hi. His Fables covers are absolutely gorgeous! He had a few prints for sale but I didn't check in in time to get one that I was particularly fond of. ah well! Next time! :)

And finally, I stopped by the talented Alana McCarthy's booth and bought a beautiful print of a goldfish! My mom might just have commandeered it to decorate our house with though! :D

Also, you can see me and pers a bit in this Space video from the con! :D (You can see me and Allison talking in line behind this kid who is showing off a comic book he got signed, and later you can see just Allison in the background as Dave Sim is giving Darwyn Cooke a high 5!).

All in all, this was a great show! I wish I'd had time to hit some panels! The Beguiling guys did an amazing job putting this on!
Sooo it is official now! My sister and her boy are engaged! They made it back home to Canada safe and sound. I wish we'd all been there to see Sandra's face when he proposed, but apparently they got it on video so hopefully we'll get to watch it tomorrow night :)

I prolly shoulda chose a different Italy picture but I like this one a lot! HA! ;) So the wedding won't be for a couple of years but their flower girl was born a couple of weeks ago. Hehe. Hopefully Diana will have their ring boy! *crosses fingers* Shit though, I guess I'm gonna need to get another spray on tan again! Ahaha!

La descrizione di un attimo

I really have to thank my boss for making me take Thurs and Fri off work instead of heading back in right away. I've spent the last 2 days trying to get my clock back in synch, catching up on things to be done here and just plain relaxing. Hopefully I'll be in tiptop shape to return to work on Monday!

Italy was absolutely amazing. I took a ton of pictures but after a while I just stopped trying to capture my surroundings as it is near impossible to do. Getting the mountains and villages and ruins on film is futile. The pictures don't convey what seeing them in person does to your brain and heart (well, unless you are a really talented photographer, which I am not). I did pick up early on in the trip that it is better to take pictures of real people that you love and to let the backgrounds be some of the majestic things.

The best part about this trip was my family. Both the one that I traveled there with and the ones that we visited with in Rome, Colle Berardi, Colle Longo and Pineto. Even thought I was only away for 2 1/2 weeks, it felt like forever. I was still thinking of all of you though even though you were a world away. I'm still sifting through my head and my photos getting them in order but here is a picture that I took of Sandra while we were in Pineto. On our second day at the resort, a storm decided to roll in during the afternoon. She's still in Italy for another 2 weeks. This picture is kind of a foreshadowing of something she had nooo idea is going to happen next week. :) Can I speak any more vague?

Italy talk

sardonyx says:
i smuggled home 1 kg of parmesan cheese
sardonyx says:
and 2 figs for my parents from my aunt's trees!
Fern says:
in your vagina?
sardonyx says:
that wold be funny to have smuggled up 2 bella figas in my vagina.. sorta like recursive pussy!
sardonyx says:
or rather, like those russian dolls! russian vaginas!
Fern says:
recursive pussy MmmMmmm, gotta get me some of that.

All roads lead back here apparently

I woke up this morning around 5:30am and looked around in the dark and thought "hrm... this looks an awful lot like my bedroom in Toronto, where am I?" and then I realized that I *was* in my bedroom in Toronto. *pout* I'm back...

I'm off!!

What a combination:

* My birthday
* a bout of PMS
* Taking off for Italy.

You guys are all kinds of awesome! I love yous a fuckton!! Thank you for all the birthday wishes and birthday sushi and birthday steak and birthday phone calls and birthday postponed drinks and birthday MSN msgs and birthday Facebook and Myspace and LJ msgs!!

See you all again in 3 weeks! *much love*

Dealing with other coders at work!

Corey: "hey!! you created an admin directory with a capital A on the new site!"
Me: "yeah, coz i copied it from the CM admin which was capitalized. The admin on root (which is lower case) is for chumps!!"
Corey: "all my admins are in that one!!"
Me: "well, you're a CHUMP then!"
Corey: "well, i'm changing it to lowercase"
Me: "ok, fine.. i've only got a couple of admins in there anyways. You can change it to lowercase, princess!"

Miracle of miracles :)

Sooo I got home to something quite delightful today!! There was a package in the mail for me. I didn't remember ordering anything recently (isn't that funny???) and I opened it and there was my purse!!!

The box also contained a letter from Canada Post saying that someone dropped it in a mailbox. They delivered it free of charge. I bitch and moan about Canada Post a lot (actually more about UPS, THEY are real bastards) but I'm going to stop bitching about them for a few months as a thank you!

They kept the cash, Guess gift certificate, Sephora gift certificate, my Gangsta Pranksta capris and my belt. They left all my id (yay license and old health card!!!), metropass and my video rental card, my 4 GB usb key (yay! i got it on sale and getting one regular price woulda been ouch), a $45 cheque that I had not cashed yet and my clear hair clip. You know, I think they kept my Fabricland membership card. Hrm. So I am picturing that there's likely a stripper at Jilly's reading Starman and Fables and watching my pinstriped capris and um.. shopping for fabric to make her wee costumes for stage show!

Edit: oh damn! They kept my McDonalds vip card too! *pout*

Also, my auctions are over in less than a hour! Buy the stuff! Buy it!!